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Our firm

We have the experience for more than 40 years, derived from the academic and professional history of our founder.
Juan Salas Coquet Abogados was established with the objective of providing legal services to our clients acting with quality and professionalism.

The trial lawyers that are part of the firm Juan Salas Coquet Abogados have the experience and presence acquired before the Mexican Judicial Power and before our clients due to the level of study and commitment put in the trials during each of the legal instances, as well as their high level of competitiveness and professionalism.


Fully understand the problems of our clients to find flexible, dynamic and accessible solutions in legal matters.
The above is combined with the values that distinguish us: absolute business ethics, sensitivity to personal problems and total honesty and transparency with our clients.


  • Provide our clients with direct and personal attention.
  • Provide support and expertise.
  • Comprehensive service that provides support and legal protection.


  • Business ethics.
  • Sensitivity to personal problems.
  • Honesty.
  • Transparency.


María de los Ángeles Trejo Díaz

  • Family Litigation Specialist.

Academic history.

  • National Autonomous University of Mexico, Law Degree, 1992- 1997
  • Degree: Practical case focused on the Divorce with no cause and its consequences.
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Mexico City, Diploma “Course Commercial Oral Trial ”, 2012
  • Lus Semper University, Diploma “Civil University Oral Trial Course”, 2013.
  • Diploma in Parental Alignment, Taught by the Thirty-Seventh Judge Family member from Mexico City, 2016
  • Course “Precautionary Measures”, Taught by the Forty-Fourth Judge Civil of Mexico City, 2021.


  • 1996, firm Pinto y Salas Abogados
  • 2012, Juan Salas Coquet Lawyers
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Ivette Silvia Salas Coquet

  • Civil Litigation Specialist

Academic training

  • Universidad Latina, Law Degree, 2000-2004 Thesis “The effectiveness of the legal framework in matters of social assistance to the elderly in Mexico.”
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Mexico City, Diploma “Commercial Oral Trial”, 2012
  • Lus Semper University, Diploma “Civil Oral Trial”.
  • Diploma in Parental Alignment, Taught by Judge Thirty-Seventh Family of Mexico City, 2016.
  • Course “Precautionary Measures” Taught by the Forty-Fourth Civil Judge of Mexico City
  • Expiration in Civil Lawsuits.


  • Professional Practices, Pinto Firm and Lawyers Rooms,
  • 2013-today, Applicant Attorney, Juan Salas Coquet Abogados
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Maribel Salas Tello

  • Administrative Area and HR Coordinator

Academic history

  • Bachelor of Restaurant Business Administration, 2011-2015
  • Managing Talent by University Of Michigan 2019


  • Ascon Consultoría de Capital Humano, founder, 2016
  • Juan Coquet Salas Abogados, External Consultant, 2017
  • Juan Coquet Salas Abogados, Administration Executive, 2018-2019
  • Juan Coquet Salas Abogados, Administrative Area Coordinator and HR, 2019-today


  • Preliminary English Test by Cambridge University
  • Teaching Knowledge Test by Cambridge University
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José Juan Aguilera Salas

  • Legal Area Supervisor

Academic history

  • National Bar of Lawyers, Faculty of Law, 2004-2008 Thesis: “Legal-Dogmatic Study of the Law of Coexistence Society”


  • Induction to Litigation
  • Civil Procedural Law
  • Interdiction Trial
  • Amparo trial
  • Constitutional Procedural Law
  • Constitutional Controversies
  • Statistics and Judicial Investigation
  • Comparative Legal Systems
  • Titles and Credit Operations


  • Professional Practices, Pinto y Salas Abogados S.C.
  • Legal Area Supervisor, Juan Salas Coquet Abogados


  • Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers, Speaker at the 4th Bioethics Course “Dignified Life / Dignified Death”, General Medical Directorate of the National Medical Center “November 20”
  • Participation and collaboration in the judicial proceeding brought by T. V. Azteca, S. A. B. against Televisora ​​del Valle de México, S. A. de C. V.
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Alejandra Salas Tello

  • Legal Area Supervisor

Academic history

  • UTEP Universidad Tepantlato, Law Degree, 2017-2019, 2020
  • Course-Workshop, Preparation of Amparo Sentences, 2020


  • Juan Salas Coquet Abogados, Law intern, 2019-today
  • Juan Salas Coquet Abogados, Administrative Assistant, 2013
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